Vegan for the voiceless: you can make a difference

Vegan for the voiceless: you can make a difference

Go vegan for the voiceless, your health, & the planet.

A lot of people have asked me why I chose to be vegan 4 years ago.  Its impossible for me to fit all my reasons into one post, but I’d love to share with you guys an overview of what led me to take this journey!

Health-related reasons:

Once I realized the health benefits and learned the truth about the way our digestive system is made to function, I chose to make a major lifestyle change. This change led to a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER me!

I went from feeling lethargic & sick almost daily to feeling like a brand new version of myself. In the past, I would have an upset stomach on a daily basis and turn to medications for relief. After becoming vegan, all of these problems vanished— I now have much more energy and way less anxiety. Its crazy how much your diet alone affects your physical AND mental health.This book is what really solidified my decision to go vegan. Its all based on research and the findings are extremely eye opening. A must read for sure!

Ethical reasons:

I realized I had a disconnect with what was really going on behind the food I was consuming. I claimed to love animals yet my actions didn’t show that!  After I went vegan I finally felt like I had a deep understanding of what really goes on in the food industry.  The harsh reality made me realize I could never support an industry that is so cruel to animals.  I believe and hope that we can come together & reestablish this connection with our planet.

I had no idea the ethical & health benefits that a plant-based lifestyle could present.  I was always hesitant to transition due to the enormous amount of myths that I once believed to be true—> (you don’t get enough protein; you NEED vitamins & minerals that come from animal-based foods, vegans don’t have a strong immune system and are sick all the time—the list goes on and on). When I finally transitioned I became more aware of the truths about plant-based diets.


In my opinion, the most difficult part about transitioning to a plant-based diet is changing your mindset and breaking old habits. The thought of cutting all animal products out from your diet may seem like a lot to take on but isn’t your health , the animals, AND the planet worth it? And after all, it’s really not hard— I promise. 🙂


If you would like to hear more about my transition, drop me a message/email! I would love to answer any questions!


Here are a few resources I recommend looking in to! Definitely worth your time!

Cowspiracy documentary (can be found on Netflix)

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (IG: @joyfulvegan) has an AMAZING podcast!

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